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Microbial degradation of high impact polystyrene (...

Author: Sekhar, V.C., Nampoothiri, K. Madhavan, Mohan, A.J., Nair, N.R., Bhaskar, T., Pandey, Ashok

Production of chitin deacetylase by Aspergillus fl...

Author: Narayanan, K., Parameswaran, Binod, Pandey, Ashok

Solid-state fermentation for the production of bio...

Author: Gopalan, N., Nampoothiri, K. Madhavan, Szakacs, G., Parameswaran, Binod, Pandey, Ashok

Production of endoglucanase from Trichoderma reese...

Author: Omer Idris, A.S., Pandey, Ashok, and Sukumaran, Rajeev Kumar

Evaluation of oil palm front hydrolysate as a nove...

Author: Hazeena, S.H., Pandey, Ashok, Parameswaran, Binod

Hydrolysis of pretreated rice straw by an enzyme c...

Author: Thomas, L., Parameswaran, Binod, Pandey, Ashok

Oxidation of DNA: Damage to nucleobases...

Author: Kanvah, S., Joseph, Joshy, Schuster, G.B., Barnett, R.N., Cleveland, C.L., Landman, U.Z.I.

Bioconversion of sugarcane crop residue for value ...

Author: Sindhu, R., Gnansounou, E., Parameswaran, Binod, Pandey, Ashok

Mycobacterium tuberculosis expresses FtsE gene thr...

Author: Roy, S., Vijay, S., Arumugam, Muthu, Anand, D., Mir, M., Ajitkumar, P.