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Dr Kaustabh Kumar Maiti

Senior Scientist Targeted Drug Delivery System Development (TDDS), ... View Profile

Dr Karunakaran Venugopal

Senior Scientist Femtosecond solvation dynamics, excited state dyna... View Profile

Dr Biswapriya Deb

Senior Scientist Smart materials and coatings, Organic and hybrid e... View Profile

Dr Sunil Varughese

Senior Scientist supramolecular chemistry, dynamic supramolecular c... View Profile

Dr Praveen Vakayil K

Senior Scientist ... View Profile

Dr. R.Luxmi Varma

Senior Principal Scientist and Head Synthesis of functional macrocycles based on calix... View Profile

Dr Joshy Joseph

Scientist Bio-organic chemistry - Nucleic acid chemistry, dr... View Profile

Dr Ravi Shankar Lankalapalli

Scientist Total synthesis of Glycoconjugates of biological s... View Profile

Dr Yoosaf Karuvath

Scientist Synthesis of different types of donor-acceptor org... View Profile

Dr Vijayakumar Chakkooth

Scientist organic synthesis for material applications; supra... View Profile

Dr Sasidhar B.S.

Scientist Development of novel methodologies for biological... View Profile

Dr Shridevi D D

Scientist ... View Profile

Dr Gopalan Vijayakumaran Nair

Rtd. Director Cycloaddition Reactions,Electron Transfer Reaction... View Profile

Dr Radhakrishnan K.V.

Principal Scientist Palladiuum catalyzed organic transformations towar... View Profile

Dr Narayanan Unni K. N.

Principal Scientist My broad research area is organic electronics. I a... View Profile

Dr Suresh C.H.

Principal Scientist Organometallics Organocatalysis Inorganic Chemistr... View Profile

Dr Kumaran A

Principal Scientist ... View Profile