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Dr Hareesh U.S.

Senior Scientist Photocatalysis, Electrocatalysis, CO2 Sorption, In... View Profile

Dr Srinivasan A.

Senior Scientist Structure property correlation of alloys and compo... View Profile

Dr Bhoje E. Gowd

Senior Scientist Nanostructures Based on Self-Assembly of Block Cop... View Profile

Dr Sundararajan M.


Dr Jayasankar K

Senior Scientist Pyrometallurgical processing of minerals and waste... View Profile

Dr Subrata Das

Senior Scientist Development of sharp line red, green and yellow em... View Profile

Dr. M. Ravi

Senior Principal Scientist Non-destructive testing of metals and failure anal... View Profile

Dr Manoj Rama Varma

Senior Principal Scientist Magnetic Materials - Intermetallics – Heusler al... View Profile

Dr Sreejakumari S.S

Scientist Biomimetics : Mulitifunctional Superhydrophobic co... View Profile

Dr Surendran K.P.

Scientist Microwave Materials, Thin Film Epitaxy, Dielectric... View Profile

Dr Mutta Vasundhara

Scientist Magnetic materials, Thermoelectrics, Permanent mag... View Profile

Dr Saju Pillai

Scientist Synthesis, self-assembly and functional applicatio... View Profile

Dr Nishanth K.G.

Scientist Materials for energy storage and conversion applic... View Profile

Dr Sushanta Kumar Sahoo

scientist Bio-based Polymers, Plant oil based bio-resins, Po... View Profile

Dr. B.C. Pai

Rtd. Senior Principal Scientist Semisolid Processing,Materials Science,Ceramic Mat... View Profile

Dr. R.M. Pillai

Rtd. Senior Principal Scientist Metal Matrix Composites,Alloy Development,Archeome... View Profile

Dr. K.G.K. Warrier

Rtd. Senior Principal Scientist Ceramic Membranes,Sol-gel Oxide Ceramic,Building C... View Profile

Dr. U.T.S. Pillai

Rtd. Chief Scientist Metallurgy, Materials Science and Engineering, Com... View Profile

Dr Ananthakumar S.

Principal Scientist Functional Ceramics (self lubricating & low fricti... View Profile

Dr Rajan T.P.D.

Principal Scientist Composite Materials, Functionally Graded Materials... View Profile

Dr Satyajit Vishnu Shukla

Principal Scientist Dye-Removal Technologies (Advanced Oxidation Proce... View Profile

Dr Harikrishna K. Bhat

Chief Scientist and Head Pyrometallurgy of rare earth metals Beneficiation... View Profile

Dr Prabhakar P. Rao

Chief Scientist Microstructural characterization and microchemical... View Profile