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Dr Rajeev Kumar Sukumaran

Senior Scientist Bio-ethanol from biomass, and the molecular biolog... View Profile

Dr Muthu Arumugam

Scientist Microalgae as a source for energy and nutraceutica... View Profile

Dr Binod Parameswaran

Scientist Biofuels, Biopolymers, Industrial Enzymes... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Kumar N.

Scientist Microbial systematics and ecology.... View Profile

Mr Kiran Kumar M.

Scientist Bio-Fuels, Chemical Kinetics, Process Plant Design... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Rakesh Kumar Yasarla

Scientist BiofuelsChemical EngineeringBiotechnologyFiltratio... View Profile

Dr Thirumalesh B V

Scientist ... View Profile

Dr Ashok Pandey

Rtd. Chief Scientist Industrial bioprocesses and products developme... View Profile

Dr Madhavan K. Nampoothiri

Principal Scientist and Head Mycobacterium tuberculosis ? Basic research ? E.g.... View Profile